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    Athletic Textiles

    Synthetic Turf and Artificial Grass by Athletic Textiles.

    Athletic Textiles manufacturers and supplies synthetic grass and artificial grass, fake grass, field turf for lawns, athletic field turf, artificial grass backyards, putting greens, soccer, football and batting cage turf. Our turf is the best synthetic turf in the industry; just order a sample box to see and feel the quality of our products. Browse the products page for a complete list of product options.

    Synthetic Turf is Environmentally Friendly

    Synthetic Turf from Athletic Textiles is environmentally friendly; containing no heavy metals and saving millions of gallons of water per year.  Artificial lawns also require no pesticides, poisons, weed killer, water or mowing; saving the carbon emissions from lawn mowers, weed eaters and keeping pesticides out of the ground water.  Check out our artificial turf blog for more information on how fake grass can save water and be environmentally friendly.  Artificial turf is safer for pets and children; keeping pesticides away from the ones you love.

    Artificial Turf - Made in the USA

    All synthetic turf products manufactured by Athletic Textiles are made in the USA.  Made in Texas and serving Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada and the greater United States.  Athletic Textiles uses Tencate yarn for our products; the best yarn in the industry and the world; guaranteed to be free of lead and other heavy metal contaminants. Import turfs from China and other countries are not made with Tencate yarn and may contain lead and other heavy metals.

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